How to use the Smart Model Area

One of the particularities of the city of Modena is that on a structural level, it is characterized by flat roads, allowing for excellent visibility for the ADAS systems during testing stages, making Modena the perfect ‘model patient’. This makes it possible to evaluate relative performances in terms of reactions dictated by agents external to the car (“worst case” obstacle management). The modus operandi adopted is that of having the opportunity to test the technologies (beforehand) in vitro through the support of the Autodrome of Marzaglia, only to then select some of them to test in vivo for urban mobility, both in the city and beyond, making it possible to validate a range of products on roads open to the public.

Among the technologies already tested, we might cite

  • four traffic lights, interconnected with the cloud system;
  • digital signposting;
  • cameras for the recognition of obstacles working with AI software;
  • Video analysis for ‘Smart Parking’;
  • Various forms of sensors interconnected through the special ‘LoRa’ 4G network, and the activation of 5G systems (test frequencies);
  • smart monitoring of economic, chronological and environmental output, road safety, cybersecurity and social indicators of quality of life and the transformation of the habits of citizens.