MASA DAY DIGITAL AT MOTOR VALLEY FEST, Talks and Demos over smart mobility

MASA DAY DIGITAL AT MOTOR VALLEY FEST, Talks and Demos over smart mobility

In its new digital version, MASA – Modena Automotive Smart Area offers on May 15th, 2020 a day full of demonstrations and thematic web meetings aimed at presenting and deepening autonomous driving systems, intelligent mobility, digital infrastructures, and cyber security topics.
Due to the restrictions of the ongoing health emergency, the event will be available on line on the web and in live streaming.

The event is developed in three sessions: the first one opens with the introduction and greetings of the representatives of the territorial and national institutions, the second, entitled “connectivity and smart mobility” explores the applied technologies for autonomous driving, while the third and final session is dedicated to “sustainable urban mobility” and will address the effects of new technologies on future mobility policies.

The topic of autonomous driving opportunities opens up new scenarios on how people and goods move on different scales. Due to the rapid development that the technologies applied to vehicles are experiencing, a reflection on the implications on the urban, social and environmental infrastructures of the territory affected by these transformations is necessary. The new technologies and their urban effects will be analyzed and discussed by academics, public administrations and private operators.

MotorValleyFest_MASA_Flyer Agenda_15 May 2020

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